So I woke up this morning with major knee pain....UGH...I do not have time for this!! It is not the front of the knee but the back of my leg.  Not cool!  I am thinking maybe a hamstring tendon?   I could barely walk when I got out of bed and it didn't start to hurt until I got up from my desk and walked to my printer. 

So today I didn't workout.  I felt like I needed to take a break, because I seriously love this program, but it is intense, that is for sure!  I was going to do a 3rd round of it, but I honestly am thinking something more subtle on some days and not on is a called a hybrid calendar and I got one lined up for myself!  BOOM!

I went live today on my page and talked about perfection on a health and fitness journey.  It truly doesn't exist!!!  I feel you need to do your best the majority of the time, but definitely don't beat yourself up if you get side tracked...balance is least with me.  I know a lot of coaches say never to cheat...but that is truly unrealistic to me.  I mean what about birthday parties, holidays, and just life in general? 

I go as best as I can for 3 weeks and take the weekend for myself.  Then back on track on Monday.  I don't feel that is asking too much considering I am wanting change, am I right?  But to completely remove it, well to me that just isn't how I want to live...very restrictive. 

I feel we all need to live life to the fullest and as long as I dial it back and not have the 7-10 slices of pizza like I used to, then the 1-2 slices will not kill me...that is such a major improvement compared to where I was.  I don't let the junk food rule me anymore...I finally get to enjoy it when I can...but not abuse it...if that makes sense. 

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