You say life is hard, but what are comparing it too if you feel you never had it good in the first place? 

Sometimes you have to get knocked down really hard before you can stand tall again... It sucks, but there is truly no place to go but up! ☝️☝️

This was me 2 years ago when I was going back and forth on whether I should start a healthy lifestyle.

I debated why I shouldn't, why I should and just talked myself right out of it multiple times. You know where that got me?? Absolutely nowhere. I wasted more time than I like to admit because believe me, I am a very stubborn and hard headed gal. 😬

You will not come up with an excuse I haven't used and you definitely won't be able to change things when it's too late.

That is my only regret... Not taking care of myself sooner. Do you realize how far I could be by now!?! 😱😒 Oh Rebecca.... I know you liked the comfort zone, but gaining all the weight only to have to get it off is crazy. The older you get the more you tell yourself it is too late for change... But I promise you it isn't. In my mind, I was ok... I wasn't over 200....yet...then that day came.... 215! 😥😱😰

For some reason, seeing that number meant that I lost... I lost my way, I lost my control, and I lost myself to the junk food.

I never in million years pictured my life going down the way it did, but it happened. All the late night face cramming of Caramello candy bars, all the slices of pizza weekly, and all that dang ice cream being injested weekly... And for what?!

I done some serious havoc on my sugar and body and I have got no one to blame but myself.

I used to hear exercise is tough, but what is way tougher is being 215 lbs and still wearing maternity clothes..... Long after the baby is born. 😬😬😬

So yeah... Never again will I say life is hard now....I have something to compare it too and this chick isn't going back to her old crazy ways.

If there was one habit you could change for good.... What would it be??

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