Do you find yourself on the daily struggle bus my friend?!?!

You are not alone!! Before I was on track with my health and fitness, there were days I struggled to get out of bed and just plain get moving! 

I struggled really bad with my nutrition.  We are talking mounds of junk food weekly...eating entire pizzas, tons of ice cream, and chocolate.  

I struggled with my sugar because of all said junk food above.  I was seriously a hot mess!

I felt that I couldn't change my ways and that I was forever a slave to the junk food and boy did I let it!  

When you struggle to play with your kids because you can't bend over and get down in the floor because getting up wasn't going to be easy then yeah...there comes a time when you are riding strong on the struggle bus!  Do you tell yourself...I am sick and tired of being sick and tired?!?!

You might see my NOW pictures and think WOW, there is no way I can do what she does, but you got to understand something...I certainly didn't start this way.  I fought all my mean girl thoughts daily, I cried, I got mad, and upset because I couldn't stay in the comfort zone - where I was "happy".  I was only fooling myself.   

It was heartbreaking and it was really a waste of time on my part!!  Believe me, I can say that now because I lived it, it truly sucked, and to know how far a person can go before they change their ways because they are so used to what is comfortable is absolutely terrifying!  I became borderline diabetic because I had a "love" for all things junk!!

I sacrificed my life, my health, and my appearance because I couldn't stop shoveling in all the unhealthy yeah...this girl was TOTALLY on the struggle bus.  Don't think for one second, I didn't have my share of struggles, because I did.  

I had to make a decision for myself when my sugar blacked out and I had to get with the program and believe me when I say this...I DIDN'T WANT TOO!!!  I liked being lazy, but I didn't like not being able to play with my son.  I absolutely loved the taste of junk food, but I didn't like sticking my finger to check my sugar every 2 hours.  

Those were the choices I made to myself, by myself, and for myself....just so I could eat a candy bar.  Were they smart choices?  NO WAY IN HECK!!

So my question comes back to you...

Are you on the struggle bus and why are you STILL allowing your mean girl thoughts and excuses hold you back from achieving your goals?  

This isn't an easy process, but it is one that will be more positive for you and your overall health down the road when you finally decide to get off the struggle bus and work on you. 

Can you do that for me? 

Can you make a promise to not let your excuses take over because I have been there and done that and I don't want you to ever think it is easy, but I do care if you don't take care of yourself.  







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