Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

I absolutely love our family photo that Tonya took for us.  She is working on getting the other ones completed, but totally loving this one!  

We aren't a "perfect" family.  We still argue, fight, and sometimes stop talking to each other at times.  However, in the end, my love for my family will always be there.  Family is not an important thing...it is truly EVERYTHING!!

We love, we share, we play, and we laugh and everyone's silliness.  We have as much family time as we can and as much as our jobs allow us too, but you know what?  Being a mom and a wife has its moments. LOL So even though we look polished in this photo, to get Shawn ready for this picture, was complete and utterly chaos! LOL 

He didn't want to get a bath even though he had mulch dirt in his hair, dirty fingernails, and black skin from playing outside.  He was so filthy! LOL Trying to get him in the tub was a chore, because it wasn’t our "normal" time for bath...talk about one furious little boy...YIKES!!!

Then to put jeans on him....Oh....my....word!!!  He definitely didn't like that.  LOL He is a total sweat pant kid because he can move more freely, but WOW what a fight!

Then don't even get me started on eating his dinner...I mean come Shawn!!!!  He wants to eat dinner later, which drives Tony and I crazy!!  He always wants to find something else better to do than eat. LOL  Such a turkey!!!!  So after all that crazy, we finally load him in the car and we are off!!   It is like a Christmas miracle....we are finally moving in the right direction.

So yes...nothing is as it seems...it looks good on the outside, but the PREP to get it there was a journey!!!  LOL

Still love my fireball of a son....but he is just that....a little fireball!! LOL

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