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Hehehe I absolutely loved this quote when I saw it...I took out the cuss words so no one would get offended but seriously though! This is what it takes make show yourself your full potential, to never give up when times get tough, and to keep on trucking!

Your Monday Motivation has some humor to it but in reality, YOU have the power to be something great! Listening to my PD this morning allowed me to understand something:

If I have a vision, no matter how big or small, if I believe in it 1000% and never give up on my dream, it will be given to me....all in God's time! I must work for it, I must believe, and have all kinds of faith in it, and he will align my life to make it come to light.

Do you know Jim Carey's story of how he became a famous actor?? He wrote himself a $10,000,000 check and in 3 years he landed himself a spot on Dumb and Dumber? He believed he was meant to be a great actor and he knew he was funny guy...never gave up and was poor before he made it big....that story is amazing and empowering! Anything is possible just like Chris said to me this morning!

That is what I have for my future. I see so much potential for our team, my challengers, and my business that I am extremely overtaken with emotion when I envision everything that WILL be happening for me! This chick will get her abs...LOL Hey...might sound silly to you, but that has always been a goal of mine! LOL

So I don't care if your vision is to lose 50+ lbs. just know without a shadow of doubt it can come true and never give up on you goals! :)

Happy Monday and remember to become a shark and to take nothing less than what you deserve and what you want out of life!

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