My picture was taken by Tonya Van Fossen (Combined it with Artwork from Canva) 

My picture was taken by Tonya Van Fossen (Combined it with Artwork from Canva) 

My thought for the day was right in front of me on my email. Every time I send out a work email they see this and I wanted to share it with you:

“God put a million doors in the world for His love to walk through - One of those doors is You”

Yesterday I had someone comment on my email. He said WOW Rebecca....I really love that and I am glad I am one of those doors!

So never know who you are going to inspire or who needs lifted today...Reach out and lift someone and just be there for them.


Today we played the Cootie game as a family.  I seriously love being together as a family.  Shawn asked about having a baby brother or sister....again!!!  Always makes me nervous.  LOL  I know he wants someone to play with, but what if it isn't in the cards for me to have another...what if it is?  Scary either way!!

WHY?  Because, I know most parents start off feeling this way, but I want Shawn to always feel loved and I don't want him to be jealous.  The other side is that I want him to have a sibling, someone to be close too, like I am with my sisters.  I am happy they are in my life...they are my rocks and I always go to them.  So if I don't, then I would feel like I would be taken that away from Shawn...because I am too nervous about the other stuff. 

When I was at my doctor's appointment, he told me that if I wanted to get pregnant than I would need to start the ovulation kits...time is a ticking. I am 35...will be 36 next month.  WHEW!!!!  

So after seeing this quote today...I realized matter how many doors God has for me...there will ALWAYS be enough love for each person....even if that is a second child.  That I need not to worry and that he will take care of us.  

So scary because of course I have doubts (Believe me...I know I shouldn't) wise, job wise, schedule many other families have more than one kid and they make it work.  So why can't I?   

Whatever door God wants me to open...I will. 

I will do my best to let my LOVE shine bright.

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