Can I be honest for a bit?? 

I was going to go Live, but I thought at the last minute I didn't want too. My voice isn't 100% back to par  and I just don't want to strain it anymore than I have too. 😣

Can you absolutely love something but get super frustrated with it too?? 😱

That is what I am feeling right now... I am frustrated.😤

I am frustrated with myself for not being able to manage my time better in the mornings.

I got frustrated with Shawn yesterday when I picked him up for playing in the mud (yes he is a boy), BUT he didn't need to do it while it was cold and windy outside and him getting his clothes wet... It is no wonder his nose pours all the time.😡

I am frustrated that I have a million things to do, but feel like I have no time for it all.

Heck... I am even frustrated about the pictures I have yet to hang in a house that we have lived in for 2 years and still nothing is decorated like I want it. 😧😧

Can I be frustrated?? 

Sometimes being a mom is the toughest job in the world, sometimes adding a full time job in the mix gets tiring too.

But even after all that rain 💦, I still have a blessed life... My rainbow. 🌈🌈

See that is how we all roll once in a while... We get mad and frustrated, but in reality... We have a great little rainbow we call life.

It will never be perfect... No matter how hard you try.... But yes...even I get frustrated at my passion, my life, and my little fireball of a kid, Shawn. 🙊🙉🙈

He has made my life 100% better, but he mixes some rain in there too. Lol 💩

That is what gives us variety, purpose, and keeps us on our toes.

So yes... The rainbow (our blessed life) comes with the rain (Ups and downs, problems, and daily frustration).

Question... What is the #1 thing that frustrates you the most??

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