Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I feel it is only fitting to do a post on what I am thankful for and since I am such a nerd there will be a list...Oh you better believe it!  LOL

So here it goes...

  1. I am thankful for my loving family.  On days when it is tough it makes it hard to focus on the negative when they are being silly, fun, and happy.  So everyday I wake up to them, is another chance to smile and enjoy life! 
  2. I am thankful for our warm home that God blessed us with 2 years ago.  We prayed long and hard for it and trying to sell ours and move into a new home at the same time was challenging, but we had the right people guiding us and God leading us.  I made 60 homeless packages to show my gratitude that year.
  3. I am thankful for my full time job and my coaching business, because they are my passions in life.  They allow me to be creative, show my skill, and share my gifts with the world. 
  4. I am thankful for great friends at work and outside of work.  They listen to me grumble...oh yes...I do that too, and they listen to my silliness and crazy ideas.  
  5. I am thankful that we always have food for our tummies and that God takes care of us week after week.  
  6. I am thankful for Shawn's feet.  I am so happy they turned out they way they did, when we first didn't think they would (we know better, but we are human!!).  He is such a blessing!!
  7. I am thankful for being brought up in home that taught us about God - notice I am thankful for everything and I always thank God.  I have a strong faith and I do believe that is the reason I am more carefree than most and I am more willing to believe that it will work out and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

So yes, I feel I have TONS to be thankful for and when you focus on the positive, the negative becomes sooo distant.  Believe me, you too have a lot to be thankful for.  So from my family to yours, I wish you the best Thanksgiving ever!  

FYI - This chick will be tackling the bird in the morning - WISH ME LUCK!!! YIKES!!!!


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