So today I got brave and decided to wear my contacts.  I was recently diagnosed with GPC and it is basically like a blister like reaction under my eye lids.  Not cool.  I hate no problems with them today so that is plus.  I just wanted to see what I could get away with, so all went well.

So why am I pointing to my shirt?  Well, each and every single day you work on you, the closer you get to reaching your goals!  The less sleepy you become and more energy comes your way! Yessssssss!! ...

Of course it is difficult some days, but when the excuses take a strong hold of your thoughts it makes it feel impossible to do anything.... But it isn't impossible... You just tell yourself it is and therefore you believe it. 😬😬

Tough to hear isn't it?? This was my problem for 10 years so I know what it is like. It is unbearable to think that I have to get up and move because the couch is pretty dang awesome... Am I right?? 🤗

Remember there isn't an excuse I haven't heard, because I was a rock star 😎 at making them.

So if I can become an excuse crusher so can you!! 🙋

You just got to get your priorities straight and stick to your guns and most importantly...get out of your head and STOP 🚫 thinking about it!!! The more you THINK the LESS action takes place!!

So what excuse has been holding you back??  And I will do my best to help you with it. 

Oh my the Facebook page is getting another new look.  This one is more ME I think!  It fits me better and was done exceptionally well by a graphic designer named French! 

What do you think?



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