Photo credit by Tonya Van Fossen

Photo credit by Tonya Van Fossen

I did a live video on my Facebook page talking about focusing on the important things in life.  We all know what they SHOULD be, but are you doing that?

A lot of people lined up to get this NEW iPhone, which costs $1,000.  Ummmm Are you serious?  Are you telling me you will pay $1,000 for a PHONE but not healthy foods for your family, or take your family on a vacation so you can create memories, and then complain about not having enough $$ can't be serious people.

I was listening to Joyce Meyer this morning.  She said we focus on a lot of material things, but what we truly need to focus on his our relationship with God and our future life in Heaven.  We need to be doing the things NOW that will get us there, instead you might live a life of regret.  

I don't know about you folks, but that is a big wake up call!!!  She said the material things will rot and decay and if you don't believe her than go to a junk yard.  Some of those things in the junk yard destroyed marriages and relationships and for what?  It is absolutely worth nothing now.

What you do on this earth RIGHT NOW counts for a better tomorrow.  So help people, learn the word of God, and FOCUS on your family, and your relationship with God.  

Your faith needs to be almost bullet proof (as I like to call it), because when times get tough you got to know without a shadow of doubt God is working for you and when that thing you have been praying for comes to is not luck...or coincidence.  It is GOD working in your life. 

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