I know I usually post on my blog on Friday's, but my birthday was that day and I turned 36!  I unplugged for a bit and it felt great to spend more in depth time with my family.  We took Shawn to the Polar Express, where we enjoyed a great train ride filled with games, magic, and Santa Claus!  Shawn's face was priceless! You can check out my Facebook page to watch all the videos and excitement! 

For my actual birthday, I spent the day with my husband.  I took off work and we got caught up on our Christmas shopping and just talked and laughed about silly stuff.  It was great and much needed, because the last time I spent one on one time with him was like a year ago.  Shawn is great and all, but we need our time too.

You know something, this family photo is great! We are all cold, but I love doing things together!  Tonight Frenchie, Shawn's Elf on the Shelf, arrived and he was excited.  Now I get to place it somewhere...starting off easy...LOL  On a lamp!  LOL

It is ok to take the day off and unplug, you need it mentally and physically for sure!  I enjoyed some great Mexican food and my mom and dad came over. 

It looks like Christmas is going to be at my house this year!  Starting a new tradition! I just want everyone to enjoy themselves, because it was never about the place we had it...it was about spending time with our family...that is what matters to me.  I don't even care about the food...I just look forward to the company every year! 

So yeah I missed a blog post, but this chick needed to unplug for a bit...but I am back baby and I got 2 more weeks left of my hybrid workout calendar.  Than going back to my favorite program, the 21 Day Fix Extreme, than gearing up for the newest one - 80 Day Obsession!  

If you want more information on this awesome program, hit me up!  I will give you all the details my friend! 



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