Worry can lead to a panic attack if you allow it.  I am reading this book, The 5 Second Rule, and if you struggle with ANY of these things you NEED to read it.  Mel Robbins, the author, has cured herself from anxiety and depression with this VERY simple tool.  

I used to worry about standing in front of a classroom to give a book report and it would get so bad that I would make myself SICK!  It was awful, I hated the feeling it left me with.  Fearful thoughts of everything that COULD go wrong made me a nervous wreck...Literally!  

Now if I worry, it is about something bad that COULD happen to Shawn.  He gets kidnapped, murdered, lost or whatever else and it literally hurts my heart and I get very panicky!  I didn't think it was a big deal, until we received a kit that if something were to happen to him they could use it to locate him - this would be something you give the police. 

When I read everything required, I FREAKED OUT!  I couldn't deal with it and I had to get away from it and even leave the room.  

You know what...she brought all those actions up in her book and it opened my eyes.  I let it ROB me of my joy for Shawn, how grateful I am for him, and every feeling of LOVE and HOPE I have for that little boy, and I replaced it with FEAR, WORRY, and TERROR.  

She taught us the simple trick of just counting backwards (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and asking yourself, "What are you grateful for?" to help switch your mind back to positive thinking instead of the negative.  You know what?  It works, it takes practice, but it works! 

And the procrastination...it is because we are stressed about something so we procrastinate so we can get away of what is making us get stressed out in the first place!  LOL  So we "TAKE A BREAK" from it all and don't do anything.  BUT you know what that does?  Your workload or tasks gets bigger and you run from it even more.  This is how people get behind on things, this is how I let my filing get so crazy, and this is why people don't exercise or eat healthy.  They seriously get stressed about it and avoid it like the plague!!  She gives you awesome solutions on how to fix this in her book – IT IS SERIOUSLY A MUST READ MY PEEP!!

So if you struggle with any of these items, I highly suggest you read the book - The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  Because in just 5 seconds, you can change your way of thinking, your actions, your attacks, and your WHOLE entire life!  

I am using it to wake up earlier now...Been doing awesome these 7 days and getting up at 4:15 a.m. sucks, but I am sooo freaking doing it and making the decision in just 5 seconds flat!  

Rebecca Miller2 Comments