Ok so I am going to be vulnerable here...

Ok so I know I don't have the perfect body or anything, I mean duh... I see myself, but by golly I am trying to be healthy for myself and my family. 👪

I show up every day and tell myself I am going to crush that workout like I did today on Rip't Circuit... Love that one and I used my 15 lb weights again!! Yessssssss!

I was feeling strong and confident.... Until.... I lifted my shirt. 😫

I know this takes time and work, and believe me I got nothing but time and patience, but sometimes I feel like I get nowhere.  Lol I don't mean to sound negative, but have you ever felt that way?

When I see myself, I still see my big belly, I still see my rolls and it drives me batty!! 😜😜 But you know what!?! It should NOT 🚫🚫 do this.... I do show up every day, I do care for myself, and THIS belly held the most precious baby to me, my son, Shawn. 💜💜💜💜💜

So I looked at these pictures and thought "Rebecca, you can either feel in the dumps about them or you can celebrate them!!"

So I am choosing to celebrate them!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 I am sooooo determined to crush this next program and the big 80 day one after that, because I know I am on the right track. I know this takes work and I WILL be grateful for my health, and feel super blessed to do what I do.

My body is an amazing machine, and so is yours!! I am going to give it a break and not be so hard on myself, even when it is tough as all get out. 😎😎

Because when push comes to shove, I gotta love myself no matter what, because I want to show Shawn that is important and being healthy is important too!! 😍😍😍

So no... I am NOT a model or fitness EXPERT, I don't have abs.. Yet 😏... But this momma is not giving up and I don't want you to either!!

So what do you say?? Want to get committed to a health and fitness journey in 2018 with me? 🤔🤔

Make it your best year yet!! If you need help let me know, we can do this together. It is always nice to have a buddy during these times... You know, the times you doubt everything.

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