Professional Photos by Tonya Van Fossen

Professional Photos by Tonya Van Fossen

So we all know how difficult it is to stay on track and honestly...NOW...working out is second nature to me, BUT this wasn't the case before I started.

I had to really DIG DEEP with myself and uncover what was most important to me, before I even THOUGHT about how I was going to stick with it...I struggled to even get started.

WHY is this?? It is hard, difficult, time, fear, doubts, and a HUGE laundry list of other things that could take forever to discuss. (We can save those for a later date!)

It wasn't until I started to think of things that I would be missing out on IF I continued with my unhealthy ways...what are they exactly?

๐Ÿ’œFor starters, I was a new could I just die and leave Shawn at a early age because I was addicted to the junk food??? I mean I know that sounds harsh and a bit negative...but this helped me to show up with my workouts and nutrition. That was my #1 WHY I would show up, because I couldn't let him down. In fact, by using my Shawn as a motivating helped ME with my health. It helped with my consistency.

๐Ÿ’œEvery single time I thought about junk food I would get busy with something else...clean out a drawer, go into my challenge group and search for something inspirational to share. It helped get my mind off of it. Sitting on the couch only makes it worse my get moving! So I refused to mess up using this method. Plus I started to have a little neater house...until Shawn brings out more toys! YIKES!! LOL

๐Ÿ’œI would be missing out time with my husband. I would be missing our family vacations, our dinners, our laughs and our movie time (we seriously love the movies!)

๐Ÿ’œI would be missing out on my sisters, my mom and dad, my friends, and leaving a world where I would be no more, because my sugar got to high and I died from it. Scary uh? Guess what?! That was ALL on me and I could have prevented hence...WHY I became a coach and got with it!!

All of these things came to mind of when I wanted to cheat. I thought about these and although it sounds like scary ass war instead my head...the junk food cravings were worse and what is bad...they still come up...not going to lie.

I had a lot today, in fact, as Christmas grows scares me, because I feel like I am losing control...and I don't like that.

So how will I overcome this...keep looking at my Shawn...keep looking at what I am blessed with now, because not being here is scary...especially when Shawn is so little.

I would be really selfish if I didn't consider how HE would feel if he lost me. I know what you are thinking...Rebecca is scared of death. Not going to lie...yes a little. I know I will go to is who I am leaving that scares me the most.

I know people adjust and move on, but when I leave the room and Shawn kind of freaks, it is like, "Omgee Rebecca...stay healthy he needs you!!"

So no I can't do this to him. The cravings must stay at bay. Don't get me wrong...some people have control, but I don't...I can eat all 3 trays of cookies in one setting and not think twice, so I must work extra hard at this. For some it is a breeze...but not me.

I can't be slave to the junk food, because he needs me more now than ever. I know he won't always feel that way...but that doesn't give me a right to just give up when things are hard.

Would you give up if someone was counting on you to be here? Your children, your spouse, your co-workers? Would you not show up? If the answer is no, you would always be there, then you need to make the connection of why and what is important to you so you can have that connection to fall back on, when excuses come up. They will be your saving grace every time.

I always say you are loved beyond words so think about that the next time you want to cheat all the time or take long periods away from exercise, because that only hinders your success...and believe me my friend... You are worth so much more than that!

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