Professional Photo By Tonya Van Fossen

Professional Photo By Tonya Van Fossen

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life!  

You know there were days I wanted to give up, but I had to fight for it.

There were days I wanted to throw in the towel and crawl into a hole and forget this whole thing, but I couldn't.

I had so many factors telling me that I had to push on and just fight for it.  My health, my strength, and my life.

Not going to lie, in the beginning when I was at my weakest point, it was mentally tough to stay on point, but I had to reach a goal.  My goal was to lose 50 lbs. in a year....the healthy way! 

I wanted to do this on my own as far as proper nutrition and exercise.  I really leaned in towards my coach in the beginning, because that was my accountability.  I had to stay on track and that is why these groups are so effective.  I had to fight daily to show up, because it was harder on some days than others were.  It still is. 

So when you are thinking about WHY you need to fight for it...dig deep my friend and pull out your WHY power.  Keep it close to your heart, because every day will be a fight and you will lose to the battle of the excuses...IF YOU ALLOW IT.  

That is the key my friend, stand strong in your goals, and against your inner mean girl and fight back as to WHY you need to keep pushing forward.  

It gets easier, trust me, but in the beginning, it is super hard.  Once you master your excuses, which I can help you with if you need it, then there is no stopping you! 

You do become a heck of a fighter for yourself...and believe me my friend...that is an amazing task to master!  You totally feel great in your own skin and the sense of accomplishment is astounding! 

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