I want to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas this year!  I brought home the last BIG gift for Shawn and I am so ready for Monday!  I can't wait to see his precious little face...just wish I had Tuesday off too. LOL ;)  

How about you?  Are you ready for Christmas?  

I hope you have a weekend full of family, friends, love, and great connections.   I know I am super excited to see my family on Sunday, Tony's family tomorrow, and our little Christmas as a family on Monday.  

I always look forward to this time of the year.  It just makes me feel closer to everyone.  Sometimes it feels like we don't see each other a lot and I don't like that.  I have always been close to my mom and dad and sisters, but it is sooo nice to see everyone else too.  

Sometimes we get in a rut and think we will see them throughout the year, but those visits may or may not ever come.  That isn't right.  That isn't fair. 

I want more family time in 2018.  I just more closeness with my family and enjoy more out of life.  I want to dial my nutrition in more and just have a better more healthy life.  I can always improve. ;) 

So I hope and wish you a Merry Christmas my friend.  Take care of yourself and enjoy the holidays!   They are only once a year! 



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