Merry Christmas to my beautiful people!  I hope your day was filled with love, family, joy, and PURE happiness and laughter!  I know mine was!  Shawn loved his ice cream truck...BUT...He loved something EVEN more than it (figures)....the pirate ship set from Mommy and Daddy!  That was his biggest hit! LOL  Tony just rolled his yes and I said I KNEW IT!! LOL

He loves the canons, the missiles, the pirates, and the "jail" houses. LOL  We have literally played all day!  No wonder they get pooped!  I have wore myself out from playing all day!  LOL  He got ALL kinds of new toys for Christmas!  So I am hoping this will keep him more engaged. I think he was getting a bit bored with this old toys.  He would rather watch TV than play with them, but not today.  He was up and at them! LOL and  I loved it!  

Blake got him an easel so we can practice his letters and numbers for school.  We need to work on those for sure!  He got so much stuff that I can't even remember and what is crazy is that some things are still in boxes...we didn't even have time to undo it all.  Blake, Michael, and Deda came over so more stuff...our house looks insane. LOL

The cool thing is that I get to work a 1/2 day tomorrow because I have an eye appointment so payroll first, then eye appointment, and back home to my family!  YAY!!! 

Today's Christmas was amazing!!  I seriously loved it.  Shawn was so much fun and it was just full of love and happiness!   That is what family is all about.  We stayed in our PJ's all day and just laughed and played and pretended.  Oh what fun it is to be a kid again.  Making things blow up (pretending), fighting the bad pirates, playing with ninja turtles, cooking some hot dogs, and making ice cream was how I spent my Christmas, and you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I did manage to get in my Day 1 Plyo Fix Extreme workout (30 minutes of ME time) in using my 15 lb. weights. My legs were shaking, but it felt good to relieve some of the bloat, because nutrition has been hideous!  

Oh well planning for a better day this week!!  Especially game on when January 15th comes along...with our newest program - 80 Day Obsession!   Are you with me on that one?  

I would love for you to join our group!  So much support and a great way to kick off 2018!  Message me for more details if you are interested! 

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