There is a gift in every single one of us and I want you to let your gift out!  

When I first started my journey, I was a real negative person.  I found fault in everything, I put myself down, and honestly I was jealous of the ones that were getting what they wanted - health and fitness goal wise.  

It was a tough pill to swallow when I heard someone losing weight and getting with it and I thought to myself, "WELL GEEZ...IT MUST BE FREAKING NICE!!"

The more I went through my journey and plugged heavily into personal development, the more I learned that I just wanted the same thing...RESULTS!  

These people were not just handed the results they had to work for them, but it always seemed like it happened so fast for them.  That bothered me, because I always thought..."WHY CAN'T THAT HAPPEN FOR ME!??!"  

You know what the answer was?  I wasn't even trying like they were, I just WISHED for it.  I didn't believe in myself like they did themselves so therefore I never felt like I could do it.  Hence why I never got with it for 10 days...I felt too far gone.   

When I made the mental shift and plugged in reading and learning daily motivation, tips, and tricks...things started to click for me...mindset wise! 

I started to learn I WAS freaking capable of achieving my goals....IF I put in the work.  You know is possible for you to achieve the same thing.  You can get results, but there has to be work in place on your part.  That is where so many people fall of track...they don't want to maintain it, but then that same person will complain they look a certain way. 

Hey I am guilty of this to, but once I started to catch myself...I started to show up more consistently and results happened.

It is all mental, you have to wake up every day with a positive attitude and gratitude for that matter to get your head in the game.  You tell yourself I AM CAPABLE OF THIS...I CAN DO THIS. all means...SAY IT like you mean it and own it!  The next step is the most important actually SHOW UP for your workout and your nutrition.  LOL Seems like a no brainier right?  So why do people feel STUCK?  

It is because they let their feelings hold them back, because they didn't FEEL like it or they knew they would be sore and just made an excuse to start later.  

So ask yourself...DO YOU WANT TO FEEL STUCK or DO YOU WANT RESULTS?  Because you are capable of them my and believe that! 


Rebecca MillerComment