Did you know that having feelings can hold you back from certain things?  

When you start to think, I don't FEEL like it, or I don't FEEL like I should do this, or I don't FEEL it is the right time.   Then you are putting the brakes on your instincts.  This is why we never FEEL LIKE working out because we base everything on how we FEEL at that moment. 

Let's be one ever really feels wants to start working out at 4:30 a.m., but when you know that is your time frame, by golly you PUSH yourself and FORCE yourself to get off your butt and get moving!  

This was my issue before I started waking up early.  I kept telling myself I wasn't a morning person and that I never feel like waking up.  

This is when you act on what your heart is telling you to do...not your mind.  Your thoughts will seriously put you in a mental jail if you allow them too.  

I know I struggle with this on certain occasions with my posts because sometimes I feel like I share too much and then worry sets in thinking what those people will think of me....but then again...When I do that...I hold back something that SOMEONE might need to hear.  

This book, The 5 Second Rule, is teaching me so much about being more active in my instincts instead of my thoughts and my feelings.

If someone asks something of me, and I feel it in my heart that it is the right or wrong thing to do, I should act on it....if thoughts get the best of me and I feel stuck.  Ever feel that way?  It can be tough no doubt about it.  Feeling stuck is when no action takes place and then you remain in your comfort zone. 

How can we overcome it?  Start recognizing when it is your heart instead of your mind and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 yourself into action!  I am serious is helping me.  I am waking up earlier and getting things done instead of telling myself I don't FEEL like getting up or I don't FEEL like cleaning, etc.  

You can use this for anything you feel you KNOW you should be doing but feel like you are slacking in...I dare you...get the book and change your life my peep! 

Rebecca MillerComment