How crazy is this?

I mean seriously I looked like that picture on the left for almost 10 years, before I decided to do anything about it…WHY?  I was scared and comfortable with being uncomfortable.   Simple as that. I would overthink it, I would analyze it to death, and I would WORRY about the foods I would have to eat, how much “time” I had to invest in exercise, and how in the world would I maintain this.  YIKES!  Instant anxiety attack…am I right?  LOL

It honestly felt impossible to lose the weight.  Ever feel like that? 

I didn’t want to give up my junk food or I didn’t want to leave my couch…but there has to come a point when you had enough…and I reached it!  Fitting in clothes sucked and my sugar was getting to high to the point of blackouts…NOT COOL!!   

I invested way more time on the couch than I like to admit…no joke and honestly…I still sit there - LOL, but look at the difference of what healthy eating and exercise can do for a person!!

Do you want to know THE absolute #1 secret to losing weight??? 

This is the thing that will get you RESULTS every single time…and it is SOOOO SIMPLE to do, but we all know change is HARD.

Do you know what it is?

It is ACTION my friend.  Wishing and THINKING about losing weight and getting healthy is VERY different than actually putting those thoughts and wishes into ACTION! 

I have learned that we give in to our feelings every chance we get, and in turn…it makes us weak and we are seriously wired to protect ourselves….so if we have to THINK about it or DECIDE if we are going to get healthy and fit…YOU WON’T! 

Think about it…how many times have you thought about it and didn’t FEEL like it?? 

See…it sucks doesn’t it?

So if you had enough like I did…reach out my friend!  I was there once…and believe me this chick is NEVER going to back to the old me. 

I got a program for you, I can help you with your nutrition, and I can offer you astounding support but you got to be willing to take ACTION! 

Are you ready for a change?  If so, let’s chat!

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