I went to Kohl's to find a pair of white pants for the professional photos you see on my website... Never owned a pair in my life, but thought today (May 20th) I would.

Before my journey, this would have been a depressing adventure and one I would avoid like the plague.  I tried to find a shirt but no luck. None called my name. Lol I know exactly what I want so I will just order it.

As I am in the dressing room, there is a lady entering the room. She was talking to herself... Like the whole time.

I am pulling up these pants and totally loving the way the fit and even the back side looks pretty good. Lol Not bragging but I have worked hard. Just saying!!

All while I am smiling and being proud the lady next door is pretty sad and pretty angry. She is getting frustrated and saying "Nope I freaking hate it...this is sooooo stupid.... Nope, nope, nope!!!!!" followed up with, "I just want to go home, I really freaking hate this!!" I think she thought she was alone.

I stood there for a moment and realized that was me last year when I was trying on the size 18-20+ clothing and it looking terrible on me and me feeling like crap. I was there, only difference I wasn't being so vocal about it. I just thought all those things, deep inside.

I was going to talk to her but by the time I got dressed she was out of there. I wanted to tell her so many things. I should have spoke up when we were in the rooms, but I didn't. Shame on me. I was there, I know how she felt, and I know how to fix it and make those feelings go away.... Not just temporary, but permanently!!

You can find your happy place...if you give yourself a chance!  I want nothing more than for you to experience shopping like I did on May 20th... When so many past shopping days were filled with sadness, anger, and more depression.

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