Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

I sure love my family!  We went to Camden Park over the weekend, which is a basically a small amusement park in our area.  Shawn absolutely loved it.  He reminded me of when I was a kid - so much excitement, so much happiness, and so much love filled his eyes! 

I am in such awe of him.  He brings out the very best in me and for that I am forever grateful.  My husband and I had a blast with him and he never disappoints.  We rode so many rides and multipe time at that.  We were there ALL day but it was worth it!  He brings life to us in such a way we did not think was possible.  

God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed him in our lives.  Yeah of course, he can be fireball sometimes, but he brings so much more laughter!  His giggles, his smile, his heart sets him apart and I hope he never loses his ambition and the will to be so amazing!  He is the most kind little guy ever! 

Tony, my husband, is so patient with times - LOL We can drive him nuts, but he loves us no matter what.  Tony loves Shawn and when they play and wrestle, you can see the love in Tony's eyes for our boy.  

We tried 2 years for our boy, and there were times, I didn't think it would ever happen to us....BUT God knew his plan and he was teaching me patience.  Something I am not every good at but I am work in progress. 

Shawn has really taught us to be better parents.  We want nothing more than for him to grow up knowing he was loved beyond measure and that he can accomplish ANYTHING he puts his mind too.  

So definitely LOVE your family - no matter how big or small, show them love daily.  We aren't promised tomorrow.  

Questions to think about...

How are loving your family today?  

Are you taking time to love yourself as well?  

You can only provide for them if your cup is full! 

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