😮😮 Vulnerable Post 🙁🙁

Ok guys here are my results from the little mini program I did that just lasted 3 days. YES this was accomplished in 3 DAYS!!!! BUT...I almost didn't want to share...because honestly....I was ashamed of my before picture...I mean what the hell happened Rebecca!!?!?!?!?

When we went to Camden Park I blew up, like seriously...look at me 3 days body can't hack that type of food anymore since I have been clean eating. I did my absolute best to stay on track at the Beach but I had a couple of bad moments. 🙁 Shame on me!!

So this little mini program was heaven sent!! It was just what I needed to restore my body back to before the "fluff" took over and to get me a little closer to previous weight.

Now...I had some personal issues going on before I left for the beach and I gained about 5-8 lbs...I had stuff I was letting get to me, our neighbor's death, and everything else that life has thrown at me. Lovely isn't??

The only thing consistent in my life at the time was my workouts...nutrition not so much. 😔 I hate it...because I was there and I let my emotions take the point of the OLD me TRYING to resurface. I didn't binge eat or anything, but I found myself mindless snacking while watching TV, eating things I shouldn't have on the weekends, and when I saw my picture I immediately got depressed ALL OVER AGAIN!! Those little calories add up! Stupid monsters!!!

I had increased my calories when I shouldn't I am paying for it...I didn't listen to my body...I didn't get on the scale so I haven't been weighing myself....I should at least done it every 2 weeks...but I didn' crept on slowly!!! YIKES!!!! Totally learning from this now though!!

This was scary - seeing my BEFORE picture...BUT a wake up I am holding myself accountable with these pictures - yeah they are NO WHERE near where they should be or even what I looked like right after my weight lifting program...and I am sorry for that...sometimes I feel like I have failed as coach - BUT then I remember...I am human and everyone feels like this at one point in there lives. I can't beat myself up over it, right? I mean all I can do is do my best from here on it.

So this is me...ALL OF ME...showing you I am up in my weight...compared to where I was once before the beach, but I am vowing coming Monday, that I will give my 110% with the newest and best program with my group.

Love how they hold me accountable and that is the best part of this coaching business...I have support. I should have just been checking the weight and listening to my body and not mindless snacking. I was doing awesome during the day, but nights and weekends were not on can't out exercise a bad diet...just saying!!

So here are my results...I lost 5 lbs. and 7 inches in 3 days. FINALLY - some good news!!

If you want to be apart of my group, I could really use the extra support come Monday...we could support each other together...because let's face it...this s*** is hard!!!

No one is perfect, but I am trying my best to keep going and working towards my goal. These "abs" or whatever they are now...will look better on my next photo....that is my promise to myself and to you!

Time to step up your game Rebecca - BACK TO THE BASICS!!

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