Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

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**Some Words of Encouragement**

I am hoping you had a fabulous weekend! I know I did! I enjoyed my family and dancing with my sister at a Zumbathon! We really got down and lasted the entire 2 hours! Plus it was all for a great cause - The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee! They help save kittens and other cats who have been hurt or injured. That is some pretty awesome stuff right there!

I know when I first started my health and fitness journey this would have never happened. I am truly grateful for the work I have put in and where I am at today.

Of course it wasn't easy, but I want to give you some words of encouragement. I know this working out thing may feel like a daunting task, but don't let it. Don't let your fear take you away from your goals.

Our bodies are meant to move and we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be. When we are full of love and we have a cup that runs over, then we must share it. Our kids feel our love, we aren't so crazy anymore, because we have taken the time to care for ourselves.

I never in a million years thought I could do something like this, but I am. You have to put yourself out there and believe 100% you are capable and can achieve success and I know you can. I have no doubts...simple as that.

I was there before, I saw the daunting task in front of me - 50+ lbs. staring me in the face, but you know what? You can stare at it and be more scared than ever to start or you can just acknowledge it, and work little by little to knock that number down into more manageable goals...Like 5 lbs. a month or whatever your goal is.

It can be done, you just have to stop getting overwhelmed by it. It can be scary if you ALLOW it to be, but if you stare at it, and stick with your guns that you can conquer it...believe me you will.

There are all kinds of fears out there, and self limiting ones are the worst. They hold you back, tell you that you can't do something, or simply flood you with anxiety and depression leaving you feeling simply hopeless.

Let me say this, I don't want you to drown in those types of feelings...Instead I want you to embrace them and MOVE ON! Yes that is right, move on. The second I took charge of my life and stopped letting my "mean girl" rule me, was the second I said I was going to do it, and guess what? I haven't looked back since.

So yeah, acknowledge your feelings, but don't let them control your life to make you unhappy, unhealthy, and miserable. I am telling you my friend, there is a better way. HOW?

Through health and fitness. Don't say yeah right...don't say come on you can't be serious?!?! Because I am serious!!

When I changed my eating habits from the junk to balanced nutrition, my sugar got better and I started to feel better. When I made exercise a part of my daily routine, I noticed day after day, I had more energy. I was no longer longer tired all the time, and I started to feel alive again. I slept better and I got a lot more done around the house, which always makes you feel good right?

So my message to you, is that you need to stop listening to that mean girl inside your head. You know the one that says you can't achieve this, you have far to many pounds to lose, this would take you forever, what the heck are you thinking?? OR You mean I have to get up early to get my workout in? Why, my bed is so comfortable??

Yeah...all those "mean" thoughts are fears, self limiting beliefs, and doubts you have within yourself. So please, don't listen to them...choose a different voice. The voice of your after self, the one that wants to come alive, and the one that sees a bright big beautiful life out there. I know she/he is in there...I know you can find it...just listen my friend.

You will be amazed of how much more happier you can be if you just believe in yourself like the way I believe in you.

So tell me, what self limiting belief are you going to conquer this week? Which one are you going to be like ENOUGH is ENOUGH? Let me hear it, because the more you crush that mean voice, the less likely she will try to take over...this is how you get started....this is how I did it...I stopped listening and I started to tell it what was going to happen...that moment...I, the true and REAL me, was in charge again!!

Oh and if you haven't downloaded my EBook yet...get it! I walk you through a 5 step process on how I mastered encouraging myself!

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