9-15-17 - Shawn's Halloween Spider.jpg

Shawn was so ready to decorate for Halloween this year!  He has been having a rough time this week since he started back to school.  He just had another ear tube surgery (3rd set) and we had his adenoids removed.  His nose ran constantly and he has chronic ear infections.  Plus his club feet, which he has to wear braces for.  He has been through a lot, but he is one of the happiest kids I know! 

He loves Halloween and we already got his costume.  He is going to be Captain America!  He is so pumped and looks absolutely adorable in it!   He was helping me with the decorations and insisted we buy this spider.  Now, normally this would never be put in the cart. LOL I am just not a fan of these things. I was going more for bales of hay, scarecrows, and pumpkins, and mums. LOLInstead we got this. 

The smile on Shawn's face is priceless!!!!  He was so excited to do this today and I could never take that away from him, knowing the week he has had.  He tries so hard to be good and in high spirits, when I am sure there are days of pain and frustration for him. 

So when I snapped this "perfect" photo of my little boy, I could not smile any bigger.  His face is lit up like a Christmas tree and to know this BIG HUGE thing does that for him...I am game for it to happen.

Please send lots of love, prayers, and hugs his way as we continue to heal with the adenoids and ear tubes.  Today was the first day he could run in a week...another thing that made him happy. 

He is my sunshine, my heart, and my soul.  I couldn't imagine my life without my little man in it!  He makes my future bright, exciting, and makes me feel so blessed to call him mine. 

Mommy & Daddy love you Shawn...I hope next week is better for you my love.   

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