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I bet you don't love chocolate as much as I do!! 

Hi!  My name is Rebecca Miller and I am addicted to chocolate.  I have a serious problem with it.  Well at first I didn't think I did, until I started hiding it and eating it late at night and whenever I could sneak it in my mouth.  Oh yes, this momma was bad.  My favorite?  Caramello!!  Ahhhh...something about caramel and chocolate together makes my mouth water!  That is straight up my jam! 

I was so bad that I bought cases of them and would polish off 36 candy bars in a week...yes that is a case a week.  :(  I know what you are thinking...GROSS!  I couldn't help it, or so I thought!  I was a slave to them and when my husband would go to sleep, out they came.  I would open carefully so the wrapper couldn't be heard and I would not savor it...nope...I would shovel it in!!  What the heck was my deal?  Obsessed - YES!!   This was my "happy" place...I would love to taste it and eat it.  Until the next morning, I would feel guilty and look in the mirror and not like what I saw.  Become depressed again and do it all over again!  YEP!  What a vicious cycle it was!

I was stuck in a rut and I couldn't get out of it.  I felt this was going to be my life forever.  A slave to dang candy bar!! You know what?  It is pretty bad, something terrible has to happen to us to shed some light on our current situations.  Mine happened at work when I blacked out because my sugar was so high.  Right then, right there, I said, "Rebecca, you better stop this non-sense...don't you want to be around for your son??" I knew the answer, it killed me to say goodbye to my late night cravings.  That is when my life forever changed!  

Of course, there are days I still struggle with this, but as time as gone by, I am trying each and every day to be stronger against the chocolate cravings.  If you are like me, and would love some support...reach out!  I would love to chat with you on how I beat the candy bar!  Stop being a slave to it!

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