We absolutely had the best time yesterday! My lunch choices were not the best by any means...no judgement...it was Chuck E Cheese...ummm what else is there besides pizza am I right?! LOL

BUT....I came home and ate a healthy dinner. That ought to count for something...I didn't crash the whole day just one meal. Life happens and believe me it was worth it! LOL My dinner consisted of chicken, mixed veggies, and green beans. Getting in the greens peeps!

Spending time with him meant so much to me today. I am actually tearing up just thinking of how close I felt to him today. To get that much time with him was amazing. He is truly my heart and soul guys. I don't know how I got to be so lucky to have him and have his many laughs and blessings he brings my way.

Being a full time work mom kind of blows ya'll...I am not going lie. I would much rather spend my days with him if I am being completely honest. Dropping him off at daycare kills my dang soul EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Every day I can't wait to be back to my baby. Yeah I am an over protective mom, yeah I love him with all my heart, and yeah I would absolutely hurt anyone who hurt him. LOL Just saying!

When I didn't think I could have a kid and we tried for 2 years on him, we almost gave up, but something inside me told me to keep trying and never give up. It was God....he had a awesome plan for Tony and I. I am so glad I listened!!!

Today he called me his beautiful mommy....(sniffles..and waterworks).

I am truly grateful for all my many blessings in life.

Drop a comment below for something you are grateful for? It could be anything!!

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