Professional Photo by Tonya Van Fossen

Professional Photo by Tonya Van Fossen

Tony was having issues the other night with this phone and SD card.  He asked for my help and while he gave Shawn a bath, I uncovered pictures he had on his phone that I had not seen.  

He had ones from WAY back when Shawn was a baby, his first time at the park, in a swing, wearing some really cute outfits, his feet BEFORE the surgery, and you know what?  I lost it...I was balling my eyes out missing my baby.  Where had the time gone?  4 years already? Like POOF...just like that! 

Don't get me wrong, my Shawn is the most precious thing to me and I love him no matter his age, and believe me...he is fun NOW...BUT to look at these pictures, which didn't feel that long ago....stings a bit. 

It just proves time flies.  We are going to be on this journey no matter what, so make the most of it.  Sure our kids might test our patience, but when you look at how little they were in old videos and photos, does everything they do that upsets you now, even truly a big deal?  Think about it?  

Shawn lost his ear tube this week...well, technically it is stuck in his ear, but it is out.  UGH!!! We have to give him ear drops and boy oh boy is that a fight! 

Today wasn't...I talked to him gently, I distracted him, and calmed him down.  It was as smooth as silk and that never happens.  WHY?  He is growing up and although I miss my little baby Shawn, he is learning to cope and understands WHY we have to do the drops.  Before it felt like torture to him and even though his ear drums are at stake here, he didn't understand all of that before, but now he does.  That to me, is a HUGE wake up call as a mom.   

He will always be the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.

I want nothing more than for you to realize that life goes by so fast.  You can make the most of your time on earth either wishing it away or enjoying every precious moment you have.  

If you struggle to find the good in life, journal that out...because there is always a reason you feel that way.  It could be a huge breakthrough for you to discover that about yourself.  

Until then, enjoy your family, spouse, and your kids a little longer because we are not promised tomorrow. 

Coming from a Rebecca who's heart is full of love, a little sadness, and whole lot of happiness and joy for being so blessed to even be called a MOM.  

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