Ok so when I snapped my photo for the challenge tracker app, I flexed like I always do on Friday's.  LOL Nothing crazy just as I always do and BAM...look at those guns!!  I mean my face is trying to zoom in on the camera and be like what am I looking at?  Is that for real or just a shadow??  It was on a timer so 3 seconds and BOOM PHOTO!  LOL

I just found this picture of me hilarious because like seriously though...where did they come from?? 

I have been working on my health and fitness goals for 2 years now and I have never just seen these puppies pop up until 5 days into this program?  LOL What the what?

Can I say that I am loving this program? Yes it is challenging as all get out, but in 5 days my clothes are fitting better, and overall I feel fantastic.  No junk or cheats for the last 5 days and I am proud of that!  That takes WORK!  LOL

This comes on slowly, so when I asked where does it come from?  It comes from showing up daily and my consistency...that is all.  

This isn't an overnight thing, it takes time, but I would much rather be getting healthy and fit than wasting time being lazy!!  Just saying! 

Yesterday Shawn and I played Game on from Double is a great workout for kids and families to do together!  We get a ball and we team up!  You ought to have seen Shawn do a sit up...even Tony was like WOW!! I can't even do that!?!?  We were both shocked!  Tony tried to video it, but storage was acting up - GRRRR...I would have loved to share it!  

They are always watching...make sure you set a great example for the active healthy lifestyle...they need to take care of themselves when they get older and I want them to thank YOU, when you took the time out of your day to show them that!  

Shawn wanted to do a workout with me...where I get up at 4 a.m. now, he doesn't get to anymore so I doubled up that day and got one in with him...just an 18 minute one...that is all it took to get him breathing hard and sweaty. 

Doesn't have to be hours at the gym my peeps....but get that heart rate up and feel the after effects as time goes by...and one day you will be able to go faster, stronger, and harder.

Than you will wonder..  Where did that come from?  Just like I did today! 

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