Ok so in the coach test group, she had us post our progress photos for the last 7 days....some were amazing and some were slight like mine.  She said she didn't want us to get on the scales, but I can see small changes here.

She said the scale is not accurate because your body is still trying to adjust to everything but to watch your progress from day 1 to the weeks coming here after... so I am curious how it will all shake out!  Only weighing in once a month after each phase.  

These workouts and nutrition are challenging, but I am making it work...8 days straight of no cheats, but just clean nutrition and I haven't been hungry...tired yes, because these workouts are tough...but I am getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night so that was another feat I wanted to conquer! 

Sometimes we tell ourselves we can't accomplish something because it seems so hard, but let me tell you something...if you want it bad enough...you will do anything to make it work!  

How did I do it? I recommitted to my promise and my goals and said NO MATTER WHAT...I WILL REACH THEM! I food prepped like a machine, and keep pulling out pictures, and the latest "BEFORE" pictures for this program. Not going to lie...these are just as tough to look at, because I have maintained and I shouldn't have been. I should have been busy this entire time, but life gets in the way and so do excuses on the weekends.

I vowed not to let my weekends control me anymore, but I will control them and I freaking did it! I didn't eat at McDonald's with the family - instead I packed my own food. I didn't eat cake and pizza at a birthday party - instead I waited until I got home and made my healthy meal...because I didn't want to break my promise to MYSELF.

WHY? You know how it feels...you feel let down, like why can't I just get with it. WHY am I not stronger than this? WHY can I just say no?

Well....I did it...I ACTED the right way when those choices came up instead of failing victim to them one more time. By me switching the outcome to what USED to happen to the outcome that NEEDS to happen...shit got done and I got 8 days under my belt!

I can't wait to share more progress with you!  It will be fun to see my results at the end of this program...EEEEEKKKK!!! 

Rebecca MillerComment