The one thing I have learned this year is something that I will carry with me forever. It is not something I even thought about before, but I heard it and I thought...WOW...soooo true!!!

Never again will I doubt myself on how far I can actually go! 

Never again will I put the OLD ME down because without that person....without my determination back then, I would have NEVER made it to where I am today.

I talk a lot about how I FELT when I was at my heaviest at 215 lbs. I felt weak, depressed, and just STUCK with the my current old junk food habits. Eating entire pizzas, ice cream, and chocolate like a crazy mad woman. 

What I never thought about was how I couldn't have done it without the OLD ME....I had to feel that way in order to PUSH myself to greatness. 

Yes of course I struggled, but I WON...ME....the weak girl who struggled so hard. How did this happen when I kept telling myself that I couldn't achieve this? (I was believing my BS stories....BUT NO MORE!)

So never tell yourself you can't do something...sometimes you just have to feel down to pick yourself back up again...and to know how far I brought myself means everything and that is the true transformation here.

When I talk about a journey...I mean just that...this healthy lifestyle takes time and it is a process and the more you keep at it...the easier it becomes, because you start to form BETTER habits and they start to overrun the bad ones. When that happens....SUCCESS my friend...SUCCESS! 

So never feel you can't do this...

Never feel you aren't worth it...

Never feel doubt that it is possible. You have to literally PUSH yourself to the point that you have had no more, to WANT to be better and that is where I am again...FINALLY!! 

Some are there...some are not...but the ones who get to this point are doing things they didn't believe was possible. 

I am here to tell you...that looking at these pictures...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE....I know that now.

The difference here is 40 lbs and 26.5 inches that I lost in 9 months and I can't freaking wait to show you progress that is happening now....(I will see you in 80 days my friend!)

Question for you is...

Where will you be in that time frame? 

Getting to your breaking point and ready for a change? 


Staying in the good ole comfort zone (where I lived for 10 years)? 

The choice is always yours! But if you are ready for change...than I am here to help if you need it!

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