So I started reading my personal development on Monday as I always do throughout the month (listen to Audibles 5 days a week). 

This week I started on a book called, "Life's Golden Ticket".  Man alive on the first chapter it had me crying.  HELLO!!!!  I am trying to drive here, as I listen to the man tell the story of a guy who just lost his soon to be wife and she had ONLY one dying wish for him.

A cop found this man's girl dying on the side of the road and they have no clue what happened to her.  Before she left...they were in an argument so he feels he is to blame.  It is great story so far and it makes you think about second chances and not wasting time and procrastinating, and so on.  

Today's passage was about how society has put a spell on you. 

You never knew when it happened but it did - IF you are not living your best life.  I mean WOW... It says the following and it makes you wonder, what in the world happened to me??  When did I stop pushing and believing in myself?  When did I lose my fight?

Does a child ever worry that they aren't good enough? - NO.  

Does a child ever worry what others think of them? - NO

Does a child ever give up when trying to learn to walk? - NO

BUT how many times have we let our worries control us, let certain people make us feel inadequate, or even give up when things get tough?   

I was in tears driving to work because it talked about how his girlfriends brother fell to his death as a child on a Ferris wheel and how at that point, things changed in their lives....the whole entire family changed.

This book tells a story and I am only 4 chapters in of the 22.  I normally listen to ones that help motivate me and push me to be my best self...but NONE like this...where an actual story is being told and he is sooo descriptive I feel the pain, I see it in my head, and I immediately put myself in their shoes.   Have you read many self help books like this?

So I always say, if you need to grow as a person than you definitely need personal development.  Reading or listening to the books as I do, changes your outlook on life, mindset, and the belief within yourself.

So get to reading!  

Rebecca MillerComment