OMGEEE Guys!! I am seriously loving this progress, look at my butt and gut in just 15 days!!!  This program is tough as heck but I don't get results like this in just 15 days makes me wonder what in the world am I going to look like in 80 days!!  How exciting is this?!?!

I wanted to PROVE MYSELF RIGHT!  I knew I could do this...I just had to believe in myself once again and now I have found my rhythm again!  I feel amazing...getting the sleep I need and deserve! So this is amazing and just what I needed to see!! 

The only thing I would like to share on this post is that the thoughts you have in your head about yourself are exactly true....If it is negative and you keep hearing it over and will believe it.  Sad but true.  

Just know you are worth soooo much more than other people might give you credit for.  The thoughts about yourself are so crucial when you go through something like this.  They always say trust the process, but if you don't see results fast enough, you will give up?? 

YOUR ANSWER:  NO WAY...that should be your EXACT answer....never give in to the negative, instead...picture your after selfie my are going to be looking amazing when you finish your program!! Am I right?  There is always a positive side to everything in bad day doesn't give you a bad life...Keep your chin up my friend!! 



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