I tell you what, I have put a lot of time and effort into this challenge and hearing some of the ladies talk about their struggles, really listening to them, and getting to know them is amazing!  This has been a passion of mine for 2 years, but I have NEVER created anything like this before.

I have been digging deep within myself to discover what I truly want out of my coaching business and when I kept honing in on my zone of genius, this challenge was created and you know what??  I can't wait to change lives with it!  

My success coach, Sara, told me I should feel like a LIGHT has been shone over me and it has!  I feel almost relieved that this has come into my path.  THIS is what I meant to do.  THIS fuels my fire...and THIS is truly what I am meant to do.  

Sharing my story with others has brought this challenge full circle and with this coaching business, I know I can change a lot of lives.  I believe in it because I was one of those peoples lives it changed.  

So if you are willing to join the FREE challenge...then click HERE!  

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