I have a feeling this one will be a game changer for me!!  I feel it in my bones.  You know what...I got on the scale for the first time in MONTHS today and I was up in weight.  WOW just WOW...I show up every day, I TRY to be good on my nutrition, but the holidays truly SCREWED ME OVER. LOL

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?!  I am NOT going to get way my peeps. I enjoyed the holiday, had some awesome family time, and got out any of my cravings I had with it.  BUT I am OVER IT!!!  

I am so ready to kick off with my group on January 15th!  I am going to take a 3 Day Refresh before I start to cleanse my body and get it ready to start this 80 day program, because I have to gain control of this before it sneaks up on it did last time!  

I feel 2018 is going to be MY YEAR!  I am sharing my passion, loving what I am truly doing, and I feel like I have purpose!  This is sooo going to rock!  

PLUS...the thing that is going to help me the MOST is being in EXCLUSIVE Coach Test group with THIS trainer HERSELF!  AHHHHHH This chick seriously is the reason I lost my 40 lbs and 26.5 inches...using HER programs.  So Thank You Autumn!

If you are ready to make 2018 your year...reach out and email me at!!   We can work on our goals together!   

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