One of the things I am learning in my FREE challenge is that a lot of my peeps are trying to consciously make an effort in watching the negative comments that they are used to saying in front of their children and making it more positive.

This takes work because we have bad habits, WE ALL DO.  Mine are fear that something bad will happen when there is NO REASON to even worry OR fear that I might fail Shawn as a parent.  

I know what you are thinking...those are sooo silly Rebecca, well to you maybe...but to me...they are scary and almost haunting thoughts.  Not going to lie.  

Thinking of always trying to be a shining light in someone's live, Shawn's life, including my own...can be draining at times.  Of course, I have my bad days....I am only human.  

But the fact that these women mentioned they are TRYING to think before they speak, is amazing!   

They should really be proud that they are TRYING to change for the better.  No one is going to change over night...that is why this stuff takes practice and daily efforts, because you can't  change over night. 

The same way we THINK before we SAY goes in hand in hand with the junk food.  We must THINK before we IMPULSE eat it.  

Think if that junk food is going to push you towards your goals, and know that it isn't and just walk way within 5 seconds of the craving.  It can be challenging...but PRACTICE and TRYING are KEY!  

Not showing up at all means you aren't even putting forth the efforts and believe me my friend, that gets zero results and who wants that? 

So when you become conscious of BETTER habits...congratulate yourself...EVERYDAY is a choice, but by you even GIVING those choices and WINNING over HUGE in my book. 

Never give up my peeps...the bus keeps on keeping on and those who stay on that bus are the true winners in my book!  

Rebecca MillerComment