I am excited for this one to come out! I did this program back in 2017 and it was amazing! The trainer is engaging, motivational, and his week-by-week approach is the perfect combo for those looking for a little encouragement as you build up to results!

He has added a Prep Week to help you ease into the workouts and clean up your diet. You’ll do two 15-minute Quick Shift workouts to give you a taste of what’s ahead and score your starting performance with the new Proving Grounds workouts. And each week after, you’ll swap two regular routines with the Proving Grounds challenges to test your speed and strength, tracking your progress as you go with the Proving Grounds Score sheets. Plus, the SHIFT SHOP Recipes Booklet now includes even more SHIFT SHOP-approved meals to keep you fueled and focused as your workouts increase in intensity.

Want to watch a quick video on it to learn more? Than CLICK HERE!! and this one as well because this is the ORIGINAL SHIFT SHOP program!! CLICK HERE!!

What makes SHIFT SHOP so unique and effective?

There’s good reason why the SHIFT SHOP gets you results, no matter your fitness level. Starting with a Prep Week gives you a chance to get set for the shift and you won’t feel intimidated because Chris slowly ramps you up as you build strength and speed throughout the program (and there’s an incredible modifier to follow). (MEET HER HERE!!!) I can 100% relate to her when I watch this video!! I started out at 215 lbs and I felt like this on days! No matter how slow you go, it means so much more when you never give up and try! Can you relate to her?

And because you’re competing against YOURSELF every week at the Proving Grounds, you’ll consistently improve as you try to beat your own score. Just when you think you can’t possibly do another rep, you’ll remember scoring one more can make all the difference. When you combine all this with Chris’ motivating style, you’ll start to shift your mindset as well as your body, making it possible to build on these achievements for the rest of your life. He added more advanced workouts so you can definitely grow with this program and always be challenged to strive to improve yourself! Loved how this program made me feel!!! I felt strong, healthy, and empowered with Chris.

Who is Chris Downing?

An elite functional trainer, Chris is driven by the philosophy: Empower. Love. Inspire. His engaging, motivation based approach helps you grow stronger, both physically and mentally. Remember, the SHIFT SHOP is about more than helping you get fit and lose weight—it’s about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reach within and reinvent yourself Watch this video to learn more about Chris - CLICK HERE!! I just get chills when I watch it! So inspiring!!

What are the Proving Grounds workouts?

The Proving Grounds are a series of timed challenges that replace one strength and one speed workout each week. You’ll tally every rep and score your performance against the clock, first as a baseline to measure against during Prep Week and then as motivation when you hit the Proving Grounds again and again. Every challenge is a chance to beat last week’s score and aim for a new personal best, so you continually improve as you get faster and stronger. You’ll be amazed at how far you can go when you’re pushing for ultimate results at the Proving Grounds each and every week

What equipment is needed?

Just Beachbody Agility Markers (comes with a challenge pack or bundle) and a set of light and medium weights. Although not required, a mat is also recommended. As an option for the Deluxe Workouts, you can also use the Beachbody PT Sandbag.

Products Chris recommends with SHIFT SHOP:

• Shakeology gives you a strong nutritional foundation each day. The human body is unbelievably complex, as are its nutritional needs. Shakeology is crafted with this in mind. It has a blend of premium ingredients that are hard to get from the average diet, let alone track down in a grocery store. In one easy and delicious shake, you will get the key nutrients to help take on the challenge of change. That’s why Chris starts out every morning with a glass of Shakeology.

• Beachbody Performance supplements are specifically written into the SHIFT SHOP plan to help maximize your fitness results. This supplement line will help you make the most of every workout by helping provide energy, supporting hydration, promoting endurance and supporting lean muscle.*

Here are the recommended Beachbody Performance products: • Energize • Recover • Hydrate • Recharge (This can come in a challenge pack - talk to me before ordering!)

Don't know what Shakeology is or want more information?  Than check out this video to explain more! 

Shakeology has completely transformed my LIFE!  It has helped me with so much!  My insane junk food cravings have diminished, my sugar levels are normal - blood work to proof it, my energy is up, my immune system is awesome....I haven't been sick in almost 3 years, plus my digestive health is amazing!**  I went from once a month to REGULAR now and feeling healthy from within!  I am telling you...the BEST deals above include your Shakeology and with a 30 day money back guarantee...what do you have to lose??

**"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."**




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