I am finally adjusting to the puppy life…a month in! LOL Took me a while, but I think she is doing better! I snagged this photo from Tony’s Toyota Picnic they had last month and I thought it turned out pretty great with all of us! I can tell you one thing…I need another haircut! YIKES!!

I want to share something with you. If you feel like you are constantly having bad luck or bad days, than can you just stop reflecting on the negative outcomes and think to yourself….WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR?

When you see all the great things that HAS happened in your life…it really makes you think more positively. I do this a lot when I feel like I am in a rut, have writer’s block, or just don’t feel myself. The one thing that is always my constant are these beautiful people here in the photo and my mom and dad, and my sisters, etc.

I really focus on our great relationships and I am grateful I have them in my life. So when I have a bad day…that doesn’t mean I have a bad life. I have to stop and think and bring myself back to the good.

Because let’s be real….Satan is ALWAYS trying to bring us down…but let’s not let him! When you focus on the good…there is sooo much to be smiling about…to lift your spirits…and to be just plain happy when you think of EVERYTHING you are grateful for.

This can even be your pets, your home, your job, and your knowledge! It doesn’t matter what it is…BUT the key is that it HAS to bring you GOOD and HAPPY energy! If it doesn’t….than more than likely it is something that you can let go. LOL

So I ask you today…Are you being grateful about all the many blessings OR are you just focusing on the bad and letting it ruin the day? Remember…the idea is to make sure you are HAPPY…not miserable! If it doesn’t bring you joy than as the chick on Frozen says…”LET IT GO!!!…LET IT GOO!!!! ;)

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