You know what really sucks?? 

Being told that you are pre-diabetic, have diverticulitis, need to lose 60+ lbs, have a hard time keeping up with my one and only child, AND going to try on bridesmaids dresses only to find out size 18-20 isn't zipping up! 

Yeah my friend... That truly sucks!! 

My first thought? 🤔 How did I let this happen and my second thought?? How can I make this go away!?! Lol.

Let's be real... No one likes bad news... No one likes actually doing any type of workout because we are afraid of failure and the fact that I had to maintain it... Felt... Well... Daunting!!  I was overwhelmed and scared for sure. 

BUT... Talk about a wake up call when I blacked out at work because my sugar got to high... That my friend was THE turning point... Because how could I let my only son down... It wasn't his fault I had bad habits and ate like poop 💩. I was to blame... I was the cause... BUT I also was my solution!!

What did I do? 

I reached out to my coach after she shared about a 21 Day program that would teach me simple fitness... Teach me to eat healthy because lord knows that was my biggest struggle....and the best part??? Support for LIFETIME!! 💜. 

I lost 12 lbs in those first 21 days and I haven't looked back since... This chick has said goodbye to 55 lbs and my goal is another 15-20 before I reach my ultimate goal weight of 145! Yessssssss... It will happen!! Pretty stubborn and I don't give up! 

I got this and so can YOU if you are ready!! Let's work together and start taking care of ourselves TODAY! 

Remember.. We are NEVER promised tomorrow... And the excuses will always be there!! Trust me... I know... 10 years I let them control me... But not anymore! 

Email me at for more details on how you can get started! 💜

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