So I started a new personal development book and you know when it is good I always share the info!  So today's post is inspired by the book, "Craft the Life you Love!"  I chose it because I need to learn to focus my creative energy and start using it more in my newsletters, posts, and in my groups!  

So if you have ever felt disconnected from your creativity or have been having trouble saving a space for your passions than this book is for you!!  I know I feel super slacky here lately and honestly I feel like I have lost my way.  

I tell you this because even I lose my way sometimes.  It isn't always isn't aren't easy...and pets aren't easy either!  This new pup requires more attention than sometimes I like to admit.  LOL She is super needy all the time.  UGH...just like a baby!  So I feel like certain things at my house are slacking and for a control freak like me...this is unnerving.  

BUT....yes there is a BUT.  My passion, coaching, has always seem to not fold and neither has my fitness!!  That my friend is saying something.  Before I would have totally blamed the dog, but today...I own it!  Sure I am not getting EVERYTHING I want done....but I am trying my best!  

My passion is coaching so when I am writing or crafting a post, I just sit there and think...who will I help?  Who will I inspire?  Who needs to hear me today?  We are put on this Earth for a reason and I truly believe I am meant to motivate and inspire my audience!  

Some fantastic news...this shirt you see me wearing in the photo below is a SMALL.  Yep you HEARD that correctly!  I about flipped for joy that Rebecca...a gal who was over 200 lbs., who said she would NEVER lose weight, never get healthy, and NEVER wear a size well...DOING IT!!  

Why did I want to be a coach? First reason was to hold myself accountable!! A lot of followers mean if I don't show up you know! 👀 (Someone is always watching!) This helps me stay on track because I knew myself back in the day... I would have quit once I reached my first goal!  Plus the 25% discount on products is nice too!  ;)  Just saying!!!

So much has changed since coaching and starting my journey!! Not only have I became a more positive healthy person, but I am able to keep up with my son and now this... She is ALOT at times and so is Shawn, but I honestly couldn't have done it without being healthy. I can't even imagine doing this 55 lbs. heavier! 

So when I tried on this free shirt and it was a SMALL.... I about flipped...sure it is bigger than most, but Rebecca fit into a small shirt..

Sometimes you think you will never get there... And than something like this happens!!  It makes all this worth it and with coaching... I know not only I can stay on track, but I can help others and grow a business that I can be proud of!

That makes me happy... That is what fuels my fire to be a MOTIVATOR to you every single day!!

Losing weight and helping others and getting paid to do it, does exist!

So when you have a passion like I do, it totally builds your confidence, makes you happier, and makes you feel alive!  So don't ever give up something you are passionate about.  While mine is coaching....yours might be sewing!  LOL  It is whatever tickles your fancy! 

If you would ever like to LEARN more about what I do... Than let's chat!! I would be happy to share more with you!  I would love for you to tell me that this business has brought you joy as well.  (My Best Day Ever!!!)

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