Have you ever picked yourself apart when you look in the mirror?

I did... right before I snapped this photo of me smiling.

Before I was saying what 37 year old gets a zit above her lip and has a missing tooth?? Well...this chick does lol and than I thought..nope don't go there Rebecca...once you dwell and stay there...let's re-route this thinking STAT!! (By the tooth will be fixed soon!!!)

Before I started to think positively, I was calling myself things like ugly and gross because when I am not feeling it some days that is what I tend to do.:(

No worries happens to everyone, but we can't stay there...we can't dwell in things we don't like, because honestly...we should be grateful for other things that aren't shown in our photos.

For example, do you know I am a wife and mom who absolutely loves making Tony and Shawn laugh like crazy and when I hear gives me such love and purpose and honestly feels my heart with joy.

Do you know I secretly journal out my feelings and my goals because I have such big dreams, but yet I am afraid to share them with anyone in fear of judgement??

Do you know that I will do whatever it takes to make sure my family is safe, fed, showered, and loved beyond words?

Do you know that I am a very honest person and I say exactly what is on my heart when it comes my family and my journey and I WILL protect them from energy vampires? LOL

Do you know that there are some days I want soooo much junk food that I would try to talk myself back to the old habits - just for a day....because self sabotage still plays a role?? Good thing I am fighter though, right?

Do you know I am capable of great things...even when the negative thoughts come out...I am reminded of how strong, humble, and giving I am!!

See when eating my breakfast I looked at my cup with my superfoods in it and I thought wow...sometimes we think we have it so bad...but in could be worse...we are blessed...we are soooo many things than our outside appearances and even though this is JUST a lifted me up to see the bigger picture.

Somewhere on this Earth someone wants to be in your position...someone wants to have come as far as you have, and we are always comparing and tearing down...but when I see this cup and these powerful words...I AM reminded of what God has given me and that my friend runs sooooo far more than skin deep!

So is me smiling...and knowing I can stand tall with God by my side...because I AM WORTHY and I AM DESERVING and so are YOU my friend!

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