I had one excited little boy Christmas morning - as you can see! He was soooooo thrilled to finally get the Bat Bot Extreme! He has been asking for it allll year long and today was his day!!

Sometimes we do things for our kids to make them smile and the shine in their eyes brighter…today was one of those days. It was worth it to get the Bat Bot Extreme and store it for 6+ months because of the a sale that happened. LOL We will never see it at that price again so we bought it a long time ago! To finally open the package…put it together…and just imagine what his little face would do, was priceless!

I took the video on Christmas morning and uploaded to my FaceBook account…LOL Where there is a HUGE album of videos and photos of EVERYTHING I took. EEEKKK my phone storage is about to crash! Even Baby, the dog, had the best time ever with new squeakers, bones, etc. She was living the best life with cuddles and love from everyone.

Christmas was great this year…it was peaceful, fun, and full of laughter and joy from all families! We have many places to visit…lots to do during the holidays and it is to crazy to think it is over until another year.

I hope your Christmas was filled with memories, laughter, joy, and happiness like mine was!

In fact, share about it below…I would love to hear from you too!!

Rebecca MillerComment