YAY!!  I knew I would do better on the inches!  3 of those inches are from my waist!  1.5 from my chest, and 1 inch from each leg is how it broke down!  I am super pumped about my results thus far and today we started Phase 2!  I got to eat more food!  Loving that!  :) 

One thing I have learned on my first month with this program. Is that the timed nutrition is the way to go...eating EVERY 2-3 hours with certain food groups in mind is amazing.  It is basically college nutrition at my fingertips!  Tells me when to meats, fruits, veggies, and how long before and after my workout.  I needed this...BAD!  

I have felt stuck for a very long time and the BEST part is that I didn't have to eat salads every day to make this happen.  That in itself is a HUGE win for me!  Sometimes we get in a rut, and that was me....but I have found something that is truly working for me again and something that is pretty simple!  

I am forever grateful for the programs I have access too, which you can have them too...just let me know if you interested, and the help and support from my coach and groups! 

This girl commented on my photo and said nice abs...WHAT?!?!  Really??!  They are starting to form under there and it feels great to have people see the change too...especially in just these short few weeks.  

I have learned that food is fuel and in order to repair, grow, and lose got to fuel your body.  No starving my peeps!  For all the ones out there struggling to find balance, hungry as all get out, and you just feel stuck because you think you have tried everything...believe me...there is a healthier way.  Let me show you how!  

Tonight is my 5 DAY BOOT THE JUNK FREE CHALLENGE if you are interested in joining!  Not to late to join if you want to crush bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.  You can SIGN UP HERE!   

Are you wondering what the big hype is? 

Well let me share! 

There is nothing worse than being extremely addicted to the junk food than like what I was. I was eating entire pizza's, chocolate, and ice cream like you wouldn't weekly and not even once a was more like 3-4 times a week I had this ritual.

I felt that it was our "routine". Order a pizza, gather our chocolate, grab a Red Box movie, and eat the ice cream as our dessert, but you know where that got me? 50+ lbs. heavier and I just made myself borderline diabetic. NOT COOL!!

When I HAD to get healthy and fit for my sugar, my sister's wedding, and my health...I had to get serious with myself and that was the toughest thing, because I was sooo stuck in my ways. 

I had created the worst habits in the world and they were sooo hard to break. When I signed up for the accountability groups, a challenge pack, and help from my coach, I felt better...I didn't feel alone.

Throughout my journey, I discovered 5 steps that have helped me the MOST in order to kick my bad habits for good. Was it easy? No...but they are doable and it can be done...I am living proof of that!!

So that is why I created this 5 Day Boot we can talk about those 5 steps A LOT and you will learn how I did it!!

I want nothing more than for you to get results...seriously! That makes my heart happy when you say great things about your progress and how far you have came. 

I love sharing these tips, because I am passionate about it and I am excited to have you join me tonight if you are interested! 



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