So Thursday was different and didn't go as planned!  Shawn had his 4 year old vaccinations on Tuesday and by that night I could tell something was wrong.  I waited the next day because he needed to work out the soreness - or so I thought.

He woke up at 5 a.m. today while I was in the middle of my workout and said his leg was hurting and it was painful for him to walk.  I looked at it and sure enough, he had an allergic reaction to the DTap vaccine.  His thigh was HOT to the touch, HUGE redness, and major swelling.  So I took the day off work to get him to the doctor.  (Plus I took Friday off too!!)

The doctor said he did have an allergic reaction, but at first she thought it could be a bacterial infection at the injection site.  We have to wait and see if it gets better by Saturday, if not...he has to have an antibiotic shot.  He had to stay off of it and we had to ice it today and yesterday, plus he had to take Benadryl as well (around the clock!)

Needless to say, it already looks better this evening but I am hoping by morning it is gone.  Fingers crossed!  Prayers is much appreciated!! 

Have you ever had a reaction to shots or any other medications?  

It was super scary to see Shawn's leg that red and that big compared to the other one for sure.  Mom life right?  Never easy!

I did the best I could with my timed nutrition today but it was a little off on the timing, but no big deal, I still got all my containers in!  Whooo whoo!! #momwin

You never know what life will throw at you so you got to be ready. 

Would you say you are feeling your best self?  Are you prepared to tackle your day when unexpected things happen?

Could you improve your health and how you feel about yourself? 

Can I just say, I do not know where I would be without my group, my plan for a healthy lifestyle, and my structure.  LOL Seriously!  

To know where I came from before - eating tons of Hot Pockets, cans of soups, junk food snacks, and just overall crap to where I am today -  Eating balanced, healthy nutrition, along with my superfoods health shake!  Still amazes the heck out of me!!

I do believe if this were to happen to me BEFORE I began my journey, I would have failed miserably and ate tons of burgers at McDonald's, I would have emotional ate like crazy, and I wouldn't have enough energy to wake up at no 5 a.m.  

But NOT today!  I was prepared, planned, had food ready so I could be fast about it, got my workout in, which gave me energy, and the amount of love from my groups, friends, and my coach that came today after I posted about it meant everything!  They help me be my best self!  They show me how to do the daily grind and keep moving...the healthy way!  

I will be forever grateful for having a fit family like I do!  These people rock and are strong and supportive!  I honestly need that in my life right now.  

To say coaching has changed my life, is an understatement.  I can't imagine my life without gives me meaning, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.  

Do you feel you can improve yourself?  

I am here to help if you need it, always!!  You can check out your options on my page to see what works best for you, or we can chat through email or even the phone if that works best for you!  

Through health and fitness, groups, and my programs, life takes on a new meaning for me.  I feel balanced now and that is crazy...because I always said, "I HAD NO TIME FOR THAT."  LOL  Now look what I can accomplish!!  I mean really, how bad do you freaking want it!?

So if you a ready to get a feeling of accomplishment and to get to your best self.  I encourage you to take on a health and fitness journey with me!  It truly makes you better!!  We can talk about your goals, packages, groups, support....or whatever else you need! 

Already on a journey with me?  Awesome!! I would love to invite you to my FREE Day Boot Camp on Booting the Junk if you need help sticking with it.  Sometimes we need reminded that anything is possible and get back to our core as to WHY we are doing this!

Be the healthy person to the MOST important people of your life!!  THEY NEED YOU!!  That is why my precious Shawn pushes me to be better!  

Can you do that for me?  Get a powerful WHY and work for it??

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