When I talk about my WHY and how strong it HAS TO BE, this little guy is part of that purpose.  He is the reason I show up every single day and push myself harder than what I ever did before.  He is getting bigger and we will soon find out which PreK he got accepted too.  I can't believe he will be 5 in October and it just seems it is flying by super fast!  I don't know whether to cry or be excited for him. LOL 

He had hat day at school so I had to snap a quick picture before I took him in.  I love those sweet cheeks like you wouldn't believe.  When I look into those eyes of his, I want nothing more than for him to happy, healthy, and not have a care in the world about his parents love for him.  We will ALWAYS be his biggest supporters.  

It is crazy to think that I almost didn't have kids.  To know he didn't almost exist is a scary thought...a world without my Shawn is no world I want to be apart of now that he is here.  He gives me purpose to do my best and provide for him.  I can't slack when I have him, because being a responsible parent means I have to do things I don't normally do.  

He keeps getting bigger and so does my purpose.  I want him to hear these 7 things from me and know I am available for him to talk to, trust, and always have a positive relationship with. 

They are:

  1. I LOVE YOU - Believe me...I saw this MULTIPLE times a day...I see him and I feel LOVE. 
  2. I'M PROUD OF YOU - I say this everyday....when he shows me his work, I know he has done his best and I tell him..I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT...I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!  The smile on that face is everything...he is accepted and that makes him happy.  
  3. I'M SORRY - If I cause him pain or hurt his feelings without realizing it...you better believe I will say I am sorry.  
  4. I'M LISTENING - I want him to know he has my undivided attention.  What he says matters...he is human to and although he is a child, that will make him know his voice matters.  Can you imagine what this world looks like from his eyes?  He looks up at us, at his teachers, and everyone around and he just wants to be heard.
  5. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY - Now don't get me wrong...sure I love my kid, but if he makes a mess...you better believe I will make him pick it up and clean up after himself...teach him value and the way of life!  
  6. YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES - YES!  I will install nothing but positive attitude and be his biggest cheerleader!  He needs to know he can accomplish his goals!  
  7. NEVER GIVE UP - He has a tendency to give up easily when things get hard...I get on him time after time to never give up, never quit because he is capable of hard things. Tracing his letters seems daunting to him, so I have to encourage him like no other!

Maybe you can use these 7 steps in your child's life.  They are simple, they take every day effort from you, but boy oh boy...does it not only help their self esteem, but how they view and help others as well!  It changes and matters my friends. 


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