I am seriously loving this book guys!  Life's Golden Ticket is making me think about and reflect on things in my life that I need to start taking notice of, changing, and improving on.  

One of the biggest things I have problems with is fear of making mistakes, fear of losing family, and fear of experiencing new things because 'SOMETHING BAD MIGHT HAPPEN!"  

You know what that does to me?  Holds me in a box and doesn't allow me to enjoy the fullness of life that it brings!   YIKES!!!   

Rebecca needs to take a chill pill and relax at times! That is one thing about me that needs work - I am uptight and I worry at times....ugh!  We all have something right? LOL

Today's lesson was about how we all focus on some negative aspect of our life and we dwell and dwell on it. BUT....if we put that SAME effort into the good as we do the bad...than we should see and KNOW that life is soooo much better than what we give it credit for.

I know I do this sometimes too. I think, "Wow I am behind on this and that", but in fact, what does it REALLY matter?

Tony, Shawn, and my family is honestly what REALLY matters. I need to focus on THOSE good things in my life, not the negative, not the haters, not the people telling me I can't do this or that. LOL

So when something like this comes up...I am going to remember this book - "LIFE'S GOLDEN TICKET"...and KNOW that I can do better at CHOOSING to focus on the happy, carefree, LOVING moments of life.   We need more of THAT in our lives, wouldn't you agree??

Professional photo by Tonya Van Fossen

Professional photo by Tonya Van Fossen

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