EEEKKK I think I am seeing some abs pop through my peeps!  I am super excited that in just 25 days I am seeing these types of results.  This makes me VERY happy and I am excited to continue on with Phase 2 and Phase 3!!!! 

Keep in mind, I have been lifting seriously heavy like 25's on legs and 15's to 17.5's on arms.  So I am building TONS of lean muscle.  So the scale might not even move...heck...I don't know...I might gain....BUT I see my progress as amazing BECAUSE I am getting stronger, I physically FEEL and SEE change in the mirror, and my jeans are fitting way better.  So I know inches have to change...I just know it!  LOL  I am NOT going to get hung up on the scale, because this phase 1 was all about getting a great foundation and building my strength, so I am excited to see what the other two phases bring!!!

I have never been more proud of myself because of my healthy nutrition and habits that I have accomplished in these 25 days.  I am doing great with the timed nutrition and in fact, I will be going up in calories next phase...I think it is around 1800 - 2000 calories!! WHAT THE WHAT?!  LOL No starving here my friend...I am LOVING all this food I can take in!!  Who wouldn't right??

So don't be afraid to get your food in, without it, how do you expect to fuel your body!?  I heard from Dr. Luigi on a LIVE video within our Test Group today and the amount of information I learned about Shakeology and our supplements is AMAZING!!  I am proud to represent the company I do, because I know the ingredients are safe and healthy!   In fact, I want to share those notes with you...CLICK HERE TO GET THEM!   I shared them with my accountability group, but these are to great to keep secret! 

If you need some accountability in your life than let me help you!  I run free monthly groups, with the next one starting on February 12, 2018, on my exact 5 steps I took to boot the junk food for good!  If you want to sign up for that, than you can sign up HERE!!

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As always, if you have any questions or need more product details, I am here to help!  You can email me at  I would LOVE to be your coach and support your journey!  

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