Clean Week is your 7-day introduction to nutrition and fitness. Use the step-by-step Meal Planner to learn how to eat better, and drink Shakeology for superfood nutrition that’s missing from many diets. Tie it all together with your Clean Week workouts, and this is your first step to real, lasting change.

7 Samples of Superfoods - Shakeology
7 Workouts
7 Days of Clean Eating

7 Days of Support

I am running a 7 day challenge to allow yourself the benefit of learning clean nutrition for a week. We will be in a group setting with others so we can help and encourage each other. You will get 7 days of superfood nutrition to taste and believe me you will feel amazing during this week!

Here is a short video to explain what you can expect from Clean Week!! Get your ticket today, because we start March 26th!!  If you would like the vegan samples let me know... It is a separate link for that one.

We will share clean eating plans specifically for this short program, recipes, and workouts that you can access online. You will learn how to jump start your journey and learn how to be your best self. It is only a 7 day program so I want to invite you to join us.

If you got questions let me know... You can message me on here or email at!!  Until than, mark yourself as going or interested on the EVENT here on Facebook

I can't wait to share more with you!!

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