Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another!! It's our differences that make us unique and beautiful  - LOVE THIS QUOTE!! 

I used to compare all the time... I wasn't this and I wasn't that...

This morning it happened again, but I had to stop and think about the quote above... And I had to snap back at myself in the mirror and I thought NO...

  • I Am strong
  • I Am fun
  • I Am loved
  • I Am blessed
  • I Am worthy
  • I Am awesome
  • I Am a great mom
  • I Am a great listener
  • I Am a giver
  • Be happy of how far you have come because your not done yet.

I had to be positive and think all those things and tell myself that!  I am learning in my book that high performers talk to themselves and build themselves up! WOW...that is great news...I am not crazy!! HAHA!   

You may think everyone is better than you are, but you are only seeing the image they portray to others. Everyone has their own fears and weaknesses — after all, we're all human. Stop comparing yourself to others, because you'll always come up short.

Today's as positive as you can about yourself and celebrate everything that you are....not everything your not!  

Rebecca MillerComment