I always get asked, why in the world did you become a coach?  LOL I always chuckle because for the ones that know me, they find it odd that ME...Rebecca Miller....a shy, quiet, nerdy girl from WV would want to share her journey and life on social media and connect with others to help them with their journey. LOL  

I know it seems crazy, but honestly it was coaching that brought me out of my shell.  I didn't change much after school. I stayed quiet, I stayed nerdy...but I didn't have a great self esteem, after a pretty crappy relationship.  Sure I got great grades, but that was because I HAD too....I wanted to get out of school.  Not going to lie...it wasn't my favorite.  Just saying!! 

I didn't participate in sports, I didn't really socialize so for me to pick coaching seems insane, right??   Well when I was presented with this opportunity two years ago, I did it for the perks, but after seeing what I was capable of, I was intrigued to go further. 

Honestly, one of the vital behaviors a coach has to do is read personal development.  UGH...when I heard that...I was like CRAP - I hate books - It is like school all over again.  LOL  I was a nerd but I hated doing school work - LOL I know I know...I am quirky like that.  

When I started to implement this behavior, things started changing for me,  I started to have confidence, I started to show that I could make this work, and I was starting to enjoy it.  When I would make a post and people started to comment or message me about what I was doing or telling me I was their inspiration.  I was shocked...because One...I didn't think I could it, and two...I wasn't that person before...Coaching has changed all that for me and made my life better!  

I became a coach also for the accountability aspect of it...because I knew myself....I didn't want to slack on my goals because I saw results my first month - 12 lb. loss in 21 days.  I didn't want to mess up my streak so the way I thought was, "SURE! I will share my journey to hold myself accountable!"  WOW...2 years later and this chick is still kicking it!  

Helping people and doing what I do daily is a great "job" if you want to call it that, because honestly I am pretty passionate about it so it doesn't feel that way to me.  If you are the least bit interested in what I do, let me know...I would be glad to share some information with you!  Who knows...it could change your life like it has mine! 

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